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his walker. >> i gotcha. >> and here's an 83-year-old grandma doing a keg stand. she can keep up with any college what amounts of >> this is the bay area news station. the kron4 news at 8:00 p.m. starts now. >> a hot race for a spot in the playoffs. the san francisco giants are close to clinching a spot in the nl west. players are on top of their game tonight as they battle the san diego padres. fans are on the edge of their seats. as we have more live from at&t part. >> the giants are not releasing any time, they're trying to wrap this up as quickly as possible. if you were going to buy one ticket to a giants game, this is definitely the game to attend. there is a buzz all across
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at&t park. the champagne is ice dance fans are ready to celebrate. it is a packed house and a sellout crowd. the giants are off to a great start. the padre's struck first first thanks to an error on madison baumgartner who might be working on a set out. this is every time a run has soared, the crowd erupted. >> teamwork. >> the giants worked together. there the definition of what team means. carla, the overall perform. >> my girlfriend is a huge and
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and she brought me into it for years ago. >> the atmosphere is great. we are having a good time. it is lively. >> it is looking great for the san francisco giants. the giants on the have to survive a few more innings. >>vicki: we cannot forget the 2010 world series. >> the giants are on the brink of winning the division. they certainly have the magic this season is >>vicki: before to stick around.
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our sports producer will be here later. a very frustrating being denied the oakland a's. >> a developing story in san francisco, police are keeping an eye on the mission district after two consecutive nights of protesters smashing and vandalizing private property. >> glass was still being swept up on saturday morning. it was just one of many sides of vandalism after violent protests in the wake of an officer involved shooting on thursday evening. the mission district police station was the focus of the crimes. small businesses all sustained damages as well.
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>> this actually happened to us about four-five months ago. a group of people came by throwing rocks at the police station and ended up hitting a our building. >> many in the neighborhood are disturbed at the vandalism in the destruction of >> it is a pretty complicated situation. most of the community does not want to see the destruction of property.
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>>caller: the san francisco police are not aware of any protest end. walt >> police are preparing for a possible third night of vandalism. assesses
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>> police say the true test will come later tonight. bonds since it will quash his house both hall who has hall of >>vicki: and al-amin year-old
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was shot while sleeping in his bed on thursday morning. he was the bit of a drive-by shooting but expected to make a full recovery seriously nichole shanafelt shows us how some people are trying to make oakland a bexley solicit seriousness call this < >> the areas are known for heavy crime and violence. loral we want to bring a visual awareness to show that the 95 percent of people in oakland that did not participate in this kind of behavior, they need to stand up and let their voices he heard theories and >> today is not about one person doing everything, but every person doing something.
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because we have that mentality we're on our way deceasing violence in oakland. >> the group sang and talked about the city's real problems. it's >>host: we build relationships with what we call high-risk clients, the guys out here that are involved in street activity >> he health at risk even get off the street and get the job training, services and rehabilitation. city leaders and police also spoke out, touching on how events like this really can make a difference. sources
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this is all of this >>brian: what a beautiful day around the bay area. skies were sunny. we have the highest temperatures. >> at at&t part, the giants and the padres, bottom of the six the giants are leading 5-3. as we mentioned earlier in the show if they win tonight they win their division. it is not over yet. for tonight, clear skies, fog at the coast, fog pushing into the bay and the north bay. it should clear away pretty quickly.
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it temperatures are cooler the what we had today. kaiser >>vicki: a bay area grow briskly during an attempted kidnapping. zweibel tell you where and the customer should foot of the man police are hunting for. also, more on a man getting mauled asked of the bronx zoo. why these little girls and boys were up against huge odds with they were born.
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the savings really stack up during sleep train's inventory clearance sale. save 10%, 20%, even 35% on a huge selection of simmons and sealy clearance mattresses. get 2 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. even get free delivery! sleep train stacks the savings high to keep the prices low. the inventory clearance sale is on now. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ so the >> standard tale police are searching for a man they say it attempted to kidnap a nine year-old near an elementary school yesterday afternoon. the girl was able to escape and told adults.
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police believe the man could also be connected to two similar incidents that happened at schools nearby. a man is recovering to 9 after being attacked by tiger in a zoo. ahead, the bizarre reason the man told police that he deliberately leaked into the big cats exhibit.
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>> the victim remains in hospital. soils
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>> the tiger did nothing wrong and the situation was handled properly. >> the tiger did nothing wrong in this. i really want to emphasize, this was a bad situation but it was a really good day at the bronx zoo because the cat is still alive and and he is still alive. our protocols, our staff, everyone did an exemplary job. we're very proud. it was a good day despite the incident. >>vicki: said police say he told them everyone live makes choices. once out of the hospital, he will be facing trespassing charges. >> there is a forecast for drive lightning strikes with erratic winds for today and perhaps to out. thousands of firefighters are working to combat planes and prevent them from reaching
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scattered homes in the securities. a severe weather warning has been issued and nearby residents are on the lookout. >> it is kind of a hassle to evacuate and it is stressful. i have an annual that still has posttraumatic stress from the first fire. >>vicki: as concerns are that with the storm, more fire scuds are. >> a crowd demonstrating against violence in benghazi thick matters into their own hands as they stormed a compound. the protesters set a vehicle on fire. the state news agency says that at least four people are dead. protesters are trying to reclaim their city from extremists who are being blamed for last week's deadly attack.
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>> women gathered in protest against the anti is long felt. the protest today was in stark contrast to one held on friday were a right killed at least 27 people. as pakistan ministers offered $100,000 to anyone who kills the filmmaker. he said the deal is a private offer it is not backed by the pakistan government. >> a nice evening for the bay area. here is a live with you from mt. tam, looking out over san francisco, the flashing red lights of a rights are a central tower. >> here is a look at the
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satellite view. fog at the coast. the fog never made it into the bay or the valleys. also, some high clouds to the south of the bay area 3d few showers. to the pacific northwest would have a brother system producing some showers off shore. the system will close to the south and east in a clip the northeastern part of california they could bring as a few high clouds for tomorrow and this in north wins that will help to keep the ball to a minimum. we could see sunshine and beaches for tomorrow. as
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>> look for upper authorities and low even the south bay. a few degrees cooler what we had today. there will be '90s on the map for tomorrow inland. in san francisco, offer '60s. 70's and berkeley and it helped lift up for 70's. low 80s as we get into the north bay. here is a look of the seven bear on the bay. for next week, look for a gradual cooling trend in the more fog, especially by wednesday. by the end of the week we will have a warm-up and store.
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bachman >>vicki: a big celebration in walnut creek for some survivors parents of premature babies 3 preemie party at john muir hospital. the >> they were all born too soon but with some tlc, a great doctors and nurses, there are now healthy babies. views triplets were born 15 weeks early. all three of them weighed under 2 lbs. 2 lbs. with severa different medical conditions. clearly four years later, they are bouncing about. that is what this celebration is all about. every year the hospital takes a day to celebrate their lives. >> the quality of care we received was outstanding.
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>> these children are well on their way and as they celebrate life, they do not want to forget their precious babies. >> mitt romney stomping through california tonight. egghead, we will show you the not so welcoming welcome he received.
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>>stanley: and typically when you think of illegal dumping each picture someone slipping and under the cover of darkness but in east oakland, and things have changed. >> they can be present. it will come in the middle of their day, take their trucks and dump everything in the middle of the streets. >> this is a small-business owner in east oakland. have also spoken with residents who say enough is enough. they're tired of being dumped on every day. see this pickup truck? the driver asked me where the dump was. keep in mind, there is no doubt nearby. the truck is registered as an awful. oakland is a beautiful city but scenes like this can
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quickly change someone's perspective. this is an alameda county of vector control vehicle. they're out here because this trash the tracks rodents and mice. if the illegal dumping is on your property, you are responsible for the cleanup however, if the trash is on city streets, you have to get in contact with the city to let them know it is there. i have spoken to residents and business owners who say they have called, but the garbage still remains. keep calling until someone gets the message. no one should have to live like this. for the record, if i catch anyone in the process of dumping on local streets, and guarantee your face will be plastered on the television screen. for more information on how you can stop illegal dumping, there is a link on my facebook fan page.
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>>vicki: if you have a comment or story idea, e-mail us at www. ahead at 8:30 p.m., the candidates a battle it out across the country. also, the iphone 5 a frenzy. we will show you the massive crowds. what was grandma's cold remedy?
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>> it was a battle of the vice presidential candidates today.
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we have more on the vice-presidential candidates. >> both vice-presidential candidates wasted no time hitting the campaign trail. >> we send president's to change and fix the mess in washington. this president has admitted that he cannot change washington, then we need to change presidents. >> in new hampshire, biden shot back. >> we are in a position where the policies they're proposing will only take us right back to where we were. we are beginning to make progress. 30 straight months of economic growth. we have a long way to go, we are moving. >> the president said congress is to blame for unfinished work
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>>president obama: when they skipped town, congress left a bunch of proposals sitting on the table, the american people want to see them passed. apparently, some members of congress are more worried about their jobs and paychecks and that they are yours. >> people should know that the republican-led house met its obligations. most significantly, it passed a budget to rescue america from a debt crisis. >> where were the presidential candidates themselves? the president in wisconsin and romney in california. south >>vicki: mitt romney stopped by hell's row yesterday in an effort to raise money for his presidential campaign. he was met by both sides of the political field. those who support it wholeheartedly and to those who have less faith in him. as he drove and he was greeted by a group of protesters who support president obama. >> romney it's a good man, but
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his the leaves, his plans, of religion not believe will help this country at all. i think will be in much worse shape. >> the protesters were not allowed to get any closer to rob me or his fund-raiser. those who were attending the event part of side and took shuttles and to meet the candidates. the president will also be heading to the bay area. grant lodes has details. >> president obama will be fund-raising in the bay area in a little over a week. hess
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>>vicki: if you are looking to buy an iphone 5, good luck. most stores are reporting that they are sold out but a few say they do have some available. when the >>vicki: this was the scene at the apple store on chestnut street yesterday morning as the iphone 5 officially went on sale. there were some pretty long lines, many people were camped out overnight. gabe slate has more. >>gabe: giant bubbles filled the air. the graves the crowd waited in line. check out this time lapse video.
8:34 pm
order in iphone on lines could take a month or longer to ship out. these people were not willing to wait that long. >> this couple also camped overnight. >> i lost my phone a week ago. >> i'm just trying to sell mine from on cragslist.
8:35 pm
>> hundreds of people here and waited for over eight hours. discussion of just a few minutes ago and has a place in the top 10. he used a mobile at to make that happen. >> we use a service called task rabbit. it cost me $55. >>gabe: when the doors finally opened, dozens of apple and police will come to their first wave of customers.
8:36 pm
>> it seems like a it is lighter than i thought it would be. it definitely feels good in your hands. >> as you saw, there were many excited people eager to get their hands on the iphone. south some analysts say the hikes will never be this big again. >> before it hits store shelves, it was already setting records. last week, the smart phone that 2 million group orders in one day but how long will the midas touch last? experts say it could top sales records for it long time, maybe even for ever, but over saturation remains a concern. it currently dominates the smart phone market. in 2011 it had 45 percent of market share. by the end of the year that number is expected to reach two-thirds. and after that they expect the market share to plateau, hovering around the same level.
8:37 pm
there are a few things at work. innovation in general is slowing. the iphone 5 is an upgrading carriers are making the accretes more expensive. there are raising activities of these and and pushing custom into tiered data plans. the flip side to that is the strength of the apple brand. >>vicki: tech expert say that the verizon iphone can be unlocked which means the fund can be used on any system.
8:38 pm
the fog of actual excepting at&t custom car. this is the first time a verizon fund has been able to do that without going through a complicated packing procedure. it is not clear if that featured is intended. >> here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. it looks nice out there. clear skies of the other is some fall. the fog is up the coast that will slowly make its way into the bay for tonight. not until tomorrow morning will receive the clouds in the bay. the fog is forecast to clear out pretty quickly. i do think we will see some scattered, high, thin clouds from the weather system that is passing through the pacific art west.
8:39 pm
essentially look for mid-upper 80s in the east bay. we have some nice weather on the way for next week. monday, look for mostly sunny skies. >> the oakland a's are in an epic battle in the big apple. a look at the excruciating extra innings against the aggies. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad.
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>> is down below the forecasts we have the news crawls giving it the latest update direct from a kron4 news room. all of these are of did it all the time. check to get a quick update on the weather warnings. give it a try and give us some feedback. the new kron4 24-7 this channel is always on comcast channel 193 if. if this >> of bay area baseball fans at least some have reason to celebrate. coming now we will take a look at the giants and the a's to find out who have a better date >> a glorious day on this first day of autumn. 70's by the bay and '80s, i will let you know how it is going to be coming up.
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but where perhaps programs aren't >> currently this score is 7-4 the job -- the ball game is the beginning.
8:46 pm
it is not a matter of if they will clinch the division, it is a matter of when and it will probably happen tonight. brian wilson picked up his 48th save. >> the oakland a's still have some work to do.
8:47 pm
if 14 in the thriller against the yankees. the oakland a's to a 9-5 lead. the game ended and heartache for oakland a's fans. the yankees won 10-9 in a 5 hour 43 minute marathon.
8:48 pm
>> the oakland a's are looking good. >> the weather is looking good for tonight. here is a live the view from mt. tam. nice, clear skies. the fog is out there but it is all at the coast. 70's at walnut creek. milpitas, 70, cupertino mid-60s. daly city is cool at the coast. for tonight, clear skies and fog at the coast.
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the >> san francisco will be close to 70, 76 insanitary, upper 70's and low 80's in the north bay valleys. looking ahead at the 7 day around the bay, temperatures are coming down a little bit theory ifs >> we will see more fog on a wednesday. after wednesday we will see some offshore winds that will clear with a fogged bringing in sunshine in to tom rogers will warm bath in cds by the day fee, '90s inland. face >>vicki: a drama starring clint eastwood, here's a preview of not showing.
8:51 pm
>> it also stars just instantly. >> and jacob dylan hall plays a young helicopt and this action thriller. after a routine traffic stuff they are marked for death for confiscating money and firearms from a drug cartel. end of watch is rated r periods house at the end of the street, she starts seeing a boy whose parents.
8:52 pm
>>vicki: shopping can build up a powerful appetite. where did you go to fuel of the the south bay? >> kron4 of gives you the best to see anywhere to what were the most exciting events of the year. it is the blue angels live sponsored by jeep.
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and >vicki: perhaps you have noticed the change as santana lane. >> the new restaurant is designed to appeal to the new shopping crowd of santana row. they have a fresh seafood. >> in this dish and italian means angry lobster.
8:56 pm
the best thing that lark creek blueberries is precious. we pulled from local fisheries and parmesan. we want to provide the best ingredients possible to each and every dish. >>vicki: dishes like prime newark states. of course, with the secret sauce. >> de have winds, and ears and specialty cocktail. we definitely have a wonderful program for summer will be for something new and exciting. >> the 83 lobster and of the for more information click on sign in dish on the web site,
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>> this is the first day of fall. there are other reasons to be excited, the giants. we're back at 11:00 p.m. with the news, weather and sports. good night everyone. at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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